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Very Satisfied Lifetime User (and I'm 65!)

My parents have owned, therefore I have used a dishmaster ever since I can remember. As kids, we would fight over who did the dishes, and now my Granddaughter uses it. Obviously I grew up on the old to George Jetson looking silver rectangle box style, but recently bought a house and installed the Saffire High Arch model. It looks amazing! It's one of my favorite things to show off in the house. We haven't used the dishwasher once! Thank you for making such a quality, dependable product. If you are on the fence, this is soooo worth the money and I don't know you, but can't imagine how you couldn't love it.

SA0226R7 Spout, Straight, Full
Fred B. (Dallas, TX, US)
Better water flow

This an upgrade from the current original this a more pleasing experience !
I have used Dishmaster for more than 50 years.

K1235 Long Hose and Wand Assembly
Gina W. (Houston, TX, US)

I gave two stars because I haven’t had my dish master long enough that it should need any kind of replacement parts. I’ve used a dishwasher for the majority of my life. My parents had one when I was growing up and I’ve had several throughout 45 years of marriage. They are definitely not made like they used to be. They are poor quality. The soap dispenser I paid extra for has the paint peeling off. The handle to the faucet itself falls off. We’re constantly having to put it back on. We’ve had to make two repairs already to our current faucet. I’m not sure I can really recommend Dishmaster anymore. Very disappointed!

We're sorry you are having trouble with your faucet. If the handle is falling off it is not being attached correctly. Please see these instructions:
We see that you have recently ordered a replacement hose and wand assembly. There should be no need. We have no record that you have contacted us regarding any issues. Your faucet has a five year warranty. Please contact us for assistance if there is a problem rather than self-diagnosing and making unnecessary purchases.


The short handles were perfect for our application. Thanks Dishmaster!

Continued issues with M70

First issue was the finish peeling off. Now, less than 2 years into the install, the diverter is sticking in the open position. We've a full home water conditioning system, no build up issues in any of the other faucets which were installed at the same time as the dishmaster. I am no spring chicken and this is the first time I've had to repeatedly work on a faucet within such a short time frame from installation.

I like the product functionality else I'd give this a 1 star as the build quality leaves something to be desired.

There are other possible causes, aside from water conditioning, that may cause the diverter to stick. A Dishmaster has considerably more parts, and moving parts, than other faucets. Please review the email we have sent to you. If those tips do not resolve the problem, respond to the questionnaire and we will act accordingly. As regards the spout, please recall that we promptly sent a replacement and when that one was damaged during shipping we promptly sent yet another.

P4030-6 Diverter Cartridge
Matt P. (White Lake, MI, US)
Disappointed with the quality

We are third generation Dishmaster customers with various model faucets in main and vacation homes across five families. Due to the nature of the sink unit we installed we needed the M70 High Arc model. We have had this faucet 4 years and are on our 3rd replacement diverted cartridge. Because times are tight we will replace one more time. After this one we will be leaving the Dishmaster family and buying something cheaper and more reliable. Very sad, because these faucets remind us of grandparents and great grandparents.

We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your nearly 6-year old M65 Sapphire. Unlike previous Dishmaster models you might have owned, the diverter on this model is much more sensitive to varying water pressure & conditions. One of the replacement diverters you received was sent under warranty after you contacted us. The others were ordered online with no input from our customer service. We're always happy to speak with customers to help diagnose any issue and see if we can correct a problem. Please call us at 800-521-9234. We're available from 8am-4pm EST, Mon-Fri. We'd like to discuss the issue you're having before we ship your current order so that we can try to make sure you get what you need.

P2035 Lever Handle with Screw and Insert
Shirley J. (Louisville, KY, US)

Shipping was great and product was received as promised and worked great!

Great response to my request.

K4050 Spout Retainer, O-rings and Seat
Jeffrey C. (Harper Woods, MI, US)

K4050 Spout Retainer, O-rings and Seat

K0280 Black Brushes
Jo E.D. (La Habra, CA, US)

My default brush.

K31088 Diverter Assembly
John T. (San Diego, CA, US)
New Diverter for M59 Model

The new diverter is doing a good job. The tutorials are a great help too. I called & spoke to the staff. They were all very helpful & friendly, the way service use to be. A big Thanks to all of you.

KN3126P-C Swivel-Spray Aerator, Chrome
Scott M. (Newton Center, MA, US)
A nice addition

Purchased the SWIVEL-SPRAY AERATOR in addition to the worn Diverter Cartridge that was causing a drip. Repair successfully completed and a nice addition to the overall operation. Thanks!

Dishmaster M2000 Century, Chrome
George S. (Miami, FL, US)
So far everything one could want.

The lines are clean, the finish is wonderful and this faucet works very nicely. Installation was very easy, no tricks or surprises. Best of all it is a US Made product, with people in the US to answer the phone if you should need any help!

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Kathryn C. (Hesperia, CA, US)
Dishmaster m76 imperial four, chrome

I sent a review just in the last week or two. But here is another one. I think they are wonderful. I have had a dishmaster since in the late 60s.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Karin M. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Perfect for my 1950s kitchen

I am a set decorator and sometimes I need to find period appropriate fixtures. I love when I have to do a late 1950s kitchen, because I can buy a Dishmaster and things look perfect!

K1077 Hot and Cold Valve Stem Set
Jo E.D. (La Habra, CA, US)

Decided not to replace valves and instead ordered, received and installed my completely new Dishmaster . I love them. I have had one since we bought our first house in 1967, and my mother had one for years before that. My oldest daughter now has one too. GREAT product !

K2018 Detergent Tank
Jean B. (Newton Center, MA, US)
Dishmaster faucets are always great

For 60 years I have been a big fan of dishmaster. They provide an economical and eco friendly way of doing dishes without the wait or waste.

K1235 Long Hose and Wand Assembly
Tom V. (New Waverly, TX, US)
Wand assembly

Delivered 3 days after order. Wand assembly complete and improved over original 2015 design. Assembly instructions score 6.

K0292 Venturi Assembly
Glenn R.A. (Lansing, MI, US)
Love it.

We've been using Dishmaster since we got married almost 50 years ago.

S2021R7 - 2" longer, 5" higher
Kirk S. (Houghton Lake, MI, US)
Great item helps with filling pots with water.

The new height helps alot with filling pots with water, you don't have to put the pots in the sink. The 2 inch longer gets the water spout more to the middle of the sink.

PA0601CP Cover, Chrome
Denise K. (Riverside, CA, US)

PA0601CP Cover, Chrome

K2100 M2000 Body Assembly
Jacques P. (Verdun, QC, CA)

Everything is OK

P88693 Silicone Grease
Dexter F. (Big Bear, CA, US)
It works!

My rental agency wanted to replace my whole Dish Master 2000 because of a dribble from the diverter. Over $350, plus install. Instead, I replaced the seals, in about 10 minutes, for $13.

K1235 Long Hose and Wand Assembly
James L. (Louisville, KY, US)
Simple repair - extends life of older unit

Easy to install - I got it on first try - which is saying something for this clumsy geezer

K1077 Hot and Cold Valve Stem Set
Robert S. (Temecula, CA, US)
Dishmaster;s are unique faucets

We have been using the Dishmaster product since 1963 and every house we have owned I haver placed the existing faucets with the Dishmaster.
When we move I buy a new one for the next house.
I also buy a spare faucet and store it away.
How ever I repair the existing faucet until it is no longer serviceable due to hard water conditions.