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The Dishmaster Legacy is Fading

After many decades trusting Dishmaster, it appears the quality of manufacturing and service are fading. The M70 does not appear as well built as the M65 which will no longer be supported with critical replacement parts despite having supported older models for many decades with replacement parts. There was a time when a Dishmaster faucet would be serviceable for decades.

Not sure why you believe the M70 is not as well built as the M65. They are essentially the same faucet except that the M65 is stainless steel while the M70 is brass. Since it's introduction in 2013, the M65 has been supported, is still being supported, and there is no end of support in sight. All replacement parts are available and support is just a phone call away. If you are having a problem with your faucet please contact us. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.

P1001CP Pump Dispenser, Chrome
Marla S. (El Campo, TX, US)
Works great

We bought this to replace our previous one. We are using it with the 12 ounce storage below the counter. For dish detergent. Super convenient and we don’t have to keep a bottle on the counter.

K0280 Black Brushes
Rob O. (Trenton, MI, US)

They seem to be better than the other ones I had ordered.

K2310 Valve Repair Kit with Tool
Scott L. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Great quality, great service

The customer service is outstanding. I called but since they were busy, I was directed to the voice mail. Being short on time myself, I did not leave a VM. 10 minutes later, they called me back. I ordered the parts and they arrived in a few days.
Outstanding service and excellent quality parts!

K31088 Diverter Assembly
Dan D. (Glendora, CA, US)
Diverter Assembly

My diverter assembly would not turn off when I shut off the water. My Dishmaster is still under warranty, so I called customer service. They gave me instructions on how to repair it which did not work. Another call to customer service and they sent me out a new diverter assembly. Worked perfectly, super easy to install. Great customer service form Dishmaster!

K31230 Valve Seats and Union O-rings
Robert G. (San Diego, CA, US)
Easy installation with step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions come with the parts but can also be found here on the Dishmaster Faucet website. All I needed was a standard wrench and an allen wrench. Took about 20 minutes because I was going slow and steady to prevent mistakes. I’m constantly amazed at the quality design of the Dishmaster Faucet for easy repairs.

Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black
Taylor B. (Aubrey, TX, US)
Life Changing

Installed the Imperial Four Black in our kitchen remodel. We have only run the dishwasher once since then because we all love washing the dishes so much now. I especially like that the kids can wash dishes easily as well with the Dish master.

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Chris &.M.G. (Ontario, CA, US)
Great concept but they just don’t last.

This is the third Imperial 4 faucet I have had. They only last about 10 years before it is cheaper to buy a new one than replace the seats, seals, stems, and other parts. Usually in the industry if you send $300 on a faucet you will get a lifetime warranty.

We beg to differ. All key components (hot and cold stems, seats, venturi, diverter) can be replaced for $123.81 and, if you replace the valve ends and bushings rather than the entire stem assemblies (which should rarely if ever be replaced) the cost is $101.71
Our records show you have spent $28.88 for repair parts in the last 6-years. If you have been buying parts locally (those would not be in our records), we encourage you to contact us for trouble shooting and repair assistance before your next part purchase.

K0285 Brush Assortment
Paul &.K.S. (Grand Ledge, MI, US)


PA2018 Detergent Tank Assembly
Laura S. (Dallas, TX, US)
Exactly right

This was exactly what I needed and replaced my old cracked one

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Terri K. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Best faucet I have !!

This time, I luckily had True-free valve stem ends so my plumber was able to change immediately and my leaking faucet was repaired. Some times, I understand there are cut marks in deeper area and I might need a
whole new faucet set. I purchased M76, Imperial four, Dishmaster, to meet such time as water leakage is a immediate-need proble (I will not have time to search around stores who might have the unit in stock).
M 76 usually lasts for a long time, it is very beautiful and I like it very much!!
Thank you.
Please do NOT show my name or email publicly.

PA0601CP Cover, Chrome
Becky M. (Santa Monica, CA, US)

excellent customer service!
very knowledgeable and fast delivery
Great company

K0254 Hose Assembly
Nicholas S. (Hawthorne, CA, US)
Exact replacement

My original hose developed cracks after many many years of use. This hose was an exact replacement. Only issue I had with installation was getting the handles on the spline correctly, (one is slightly off). But the faucet is working properly again so I’m very pleased.

Incredible product

Have owned multiple versions of the Dishmaster since early 1980's. Great products, easy to get maintenance and replacement parts for. Just installed a new M70 and loving it. Was harder to get the old one out than put the new one in.

KN3126P-C Swivel-Spray Aerator, Chrome
David S. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Just what I ordered. Good prices and quick delivery

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Laurence D. (San Diego, CA, US)
Works great once instaled properly

Proper installation is difficult because the O rings can get off set. It leaked until I added Vaseline to hold the O ring in the middle of the connection.

We're sorry you had trouble with your installation. The instructions do say ''Applying a small amount of silicone plumbers grease or vaseline to the O-rings will help hold them in place.''

K2000 M2000 Tune-up Kit
me (Richfield, UT, US)

Fast service, received within a week of ordering. Always happy with Dishmaster services and products.

K1078 Hot Water Valve Assembly
gloria d. (Livingston, TX, US)
ordering parts and having questions

The sales rep was very helpful in answering all question plus sending a YOUTUBE to help see how to back flow the hose for cleaning.

Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black
Jane F. (Stockton, CA, US)

Dishmaster M76BK Imperial Four, Black

K0858 Torque-free Valve Ends
Jerome K. (Orlando, FL, US)
Too Much for Too Little

I have two units, one in Michigan and one in Florida. I may have to change them out for conventional kitchen faucets because repair parts are too expensive and difficult to obtain. It seems that one and two dollar parts are costing 10 and 20 dollars to replace. You have a monopoly on these units and are pricing yourselves out of the market. The next time I need parts I may just go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a conventional faucet.

We don't like inflation any better than you do but with our costs increasing daily we eventually have to raise prices to stay in business. If $13 for two repair parts is breaking your budget, you can save by purchasing just the 11/16 x1/2x3/16 O-rings and the 1/4R flat non-beveled bibb washers from you local hardware or home center. A chart of all the O-rings we use on our products is available on our website.

K0254 Hose Assembly
Ralph M. (Memphis, TN, US)

We have is master for mayor years and love. Excellent product

K0285 Brush Assortment
Willibald D. (Nevada City, CA, US)
Great customer service

I love my dishmaster

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome
Margaret K. (Ceres, CA, US)

Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, Chrome

Dishmaster M70BNLA Sapphire Low Arc, Brushed Nickel
Michael A. (Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US)
Sapphire low arc

I've had a Dishmaster since I was a kid in the 80's. This Sapphire is the 3rd style of Dishmaster that I have owned and the best to date. Very easy to use and operate. Most people don't know about these and when they finally try one they are instantly sold. This make life easier and save time which is almost priceless in my opinion. Thank you Dishmaster.

K4050 Spout Retainer, O-rings and Seat
Charles M. (Grand Rapids, MI, US)
Fit like they were made for it

Ordered replacement O-rings, retaining ring & seat. Removal & installation was easy, instructions clear.