K31080 Insérer et sceller avec outil

$ 23.81 USD
$ 23.81 USD
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L'outil d'installation est inclus

Standard pour ces robinets :

  • M87 Solarique
  • M59 Impérial III
  • M59 Impérial
  • M52 Deluxe

Standard pour ces robinets fabriqués avant le 1er mai 2002 (l'insert a un trou rond). Pour ces robinets fabriqués après le 1er mai 2002, voir K32315 Insert & Seals (l'insert a un trou hexagonal) :

  • Quatre Impérial M76
  • M76XL Impérial Quatre XL


31080 x 1080 k1080 section centrale

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gary H. (Ypsilanti, MI, US)
Easy to install, with good instructions

The photo shows the insert and seal, bit not the tool, which is a fitted punch. A bit scary to pound the punch hard with a metal hammer, but the press-fit old insert came out fine, and the new one likewise. I now see why the instructions for the removal of the old (non-threaded) insert emphasize the requirement for the tool (a type of drift). Don't try to remove it without the tool if you have not seen how it works. Grit had plugged some of the 8 holes in the faucet, and now I have more flow than ever!

Jane F. (Oroville, CA, US)
Roger gave excellent service.

Roger was very helpful with my needs and order, even giving me a price on a whole new unit. The parts were ordered on Friday and arrived on the following Monday. My plumber, who is the only one in town to work on Dishmasters and has very loyal owners, installed the new parts in about 20 minutes.

Dona (Yucaipa, CA, US)

Thank you very much. My dishmaster works great.