K0252 Assemblage de tuyau long

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$ 50.39 USD
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Longueur standard pour :

  • Siècle M2000
  • M70 & M65 Saphir
  • M76XL Impérial Quatre XL

Option plus longue de 12" pour

  • Quatre Impérial M76
  • M87 Solarique
  • M59 Impérial III
  • M59 Impérial
  • M52 Deluxe

Instructions - M2000

Instructions - M70 et M65

Instructions - M76XL

Instructions - M76

Instructions K0252

252 x 0252 x 1235 x 287

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Fred B. (Dallas, TX, US)
Long Hose Assembly 00

I have been using the Long Hose Assembly for over 15 years . I miss your local presents . This Long Hose Assembly is for another house hold that had using Dishmaster starting in 1958.
Thank you

Pierre G. (Marquette, MI, US)
Hose assembly. Actually the vent tube

All went well with the change over. . . Except for the vent tube that went into the soap container. That tube was too stiff, even after warming up, when I tried to bend it so it would go into the container the tube kinked right were the hole is for the soap to be extracted. It's working. . . But I don't know for how long. I'll figure something out. The original lasted probably over 25 years. I love the Dishmaster! Had one since the 70's.

What you describe is typical. If the detergent is flowing now it should continue to flow. However, you can side the spring up to the shoulder of the nipple on the detergent tank. The spring is provided to prevent the tube from collapsing when the tube is bent.

Bob K. (Chicago, IL, US)
Replacement Long Hose Assembly

Very satisfied with the replacement "long hose assembly" and the "Dishmaster" kitchen faucets that we have had over the years. My wife and I have been a "Dishmaster" customer for over 50 years. My parents also had "Dishmaster" kitchen faucets in their home too.