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    Dishmaster M70BNRA Sapphire Right Angle, Brushed Nickel
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    Sapphire Faucet true gem

    My family has owned Dishmaster Faucets since the 1950's. I decided to step away from the iconic sink top style and purchased the Sapphire as a 76th birthday present to myself. I love it's stylish, clean lines and the high spout for working with large pots and bowls. I was worried the hose for the wand might catch on something under the sink but no problem there. I enjoy the larger capacity reservoir for the soap. Beautiful!

    3 generations of happy Dishmaster owners

    3 generations of our family have enjoyed using Dishmaster faucets for many decades! We have had 3 different styles of Dishmaster faucets in our 3 homes over the years. Each style worked excellent, but the newest is a great improvement. People with dishwashers work so had to rinse their dishes first so that their dishwasher can do a good job, but with the Dishmaster we do it all in the same length of time: soap, scrub and rinse! I personally love to use the Dishmaster after big family dinners... I just need several people to keep up with me and dry and put away all the dishes. I recently updated my daughter's kitchen with the newest style Dishmaster. The installation was simple and straight forward, and it works perfectly. She is an Executive Chef and absolutely loves her Dishmaster!

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