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    SN3126P-C Swivel-Spray Aerator, Chrome
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Works Great

    Gives new life to our 29 year old Dishmaster.
    Glad you still have parts available.

    Swivel Review

    It works great!

    I love the swivel adapter it works just fine

    We have owned the Dishmaster imperial for about 47yrs. / A wedding gift when we got married. We are grateful you are still in business , and still making a product with the great original design. I only would like to make a suggestion for an add to option. Due to the many different changes that have been made in sink designs . The hot water handle lever hits the divider in the sink.Although my order included the shorter stem handles , and thicker adapter nuts. I now have to pull it out again to put the nuts on. Not fun. Even after I do both, I may still get the complaint that fingers hit the sink divider. Mind you there is no complaint due to your product, in fact, the product is still loved, but it just doesn’t go with some sinks for the hot water side. The wife said if the short handles were like old style with 4 locations to turn, that would be great. This to me would solve the problem. Again this is not to change your original design , just an added option, thanks again . Mike

    Thank you for your review.. Double bowl offset sinks were designed for faucets such as the Dishmaster Sapphire. The spout can be placed in the hole nearest the sink divider so that it can easily reach both bowls. 'Conventional' two handle faucets will have a handle nearest the divider and the spout will be moved further away from the far bowl.
    Great items and faucet

    We love this faucet

    Dishmaster aireator spray

    I am sure once I finally get it set up properly it will be fine. But I've tried 3 different times and a friend tried to put the faucet on the 2000 dishmaster. The spray keeps coming over the top of the end of the aerator. I don't know where to turn now

    Hi Mary, Please take a look at this link: https://dishmasterfaucet.com/pages/swivel-spray-aerator Make sure that the tabs & slots are lined up as shown in the photo. If they aren't, the aerator won't seal properly. Also, you'll need to make sure you're using the thickest seal that was included with the aerator. Please feel free to call 800-521-9234 if you need more help!
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